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Arena Coffee Table

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rattan coffee table
rattan coffee table
rattan coffee table

The Arena Coffee Table is brand new and a first in Australia – such a beautiful and timeless design, whatever your style. Be one of the firsts the showcase this beauty in your home.

Carefully crafted by talented artisans in Indonesia, the worlds largest supplier of Rattan. Rattan is exceptionally durable and high quality, making it perfect to produce beautiful, strong and timeless furniture. To make this piece even more special, there is the particularly important factor that Rattan is sustainable.

Growing at an exceptional rate, rattan requires no pesticides or fertilisers, provides an income to families in Southeast Asia and gives us the opportunity to use our furniture for years to come.


Width: 110cm

Depth: 55cm

Height: 45cm

Colour: Natural Semigloss

Disclaimer: Each piece is made carefully with natural rattan. This might lead to slight variations in colour or texture, making each piece extra special. We believe that slight imperfections give character.

rattan coffee table
rattan coffee table
rattan coffee table