What is Boho Style Furniture

Okay, so you’ve definitely heard the term boho before, you can probably spot boho style furniture a mile away and maybe you’ve even adopted a boho style in your home. But what (exactly) defines boho style furniture and how did it come to be.

To get to the bottom of things, we’ve got to take it right back to the 1850s, the birth of bohemianism.

The Origins of Bohemianism

The term “bohemian” was originally given to Roman gypsies in Paris. It wasn’t intended as a compliment but, because bohemians were known as being anti-establishment creatives, it quickly became romanticised. Soon, bohemian came to refer to artists, actors, the free-willed, vagabonds, and those who chose to live unconventional, eccentric lives. 

The style of a bohemian was known for being alternative, counterculture and exotic. Because this was the style of artists and creators, bohemianism became synonymous with creativity, artistic expression and individualism. 

The Hippie Era

But boho style really made a name for itself in the 1960s during the Hippie Movement. It became a uniform for people who choose unconventional lifestyles, going against the polished and classy silhouettes of the previous decade.

It’s not hard to see why boho style is the aesthetic of choice for those of us who are creative, laid back and are easily seduced by the eccentric. 

Boho Interior Design

Boho style isn’t exclusive to fashion. In modern times, it’s become a popular interior design aesthetic as well. 

Bohemian style interiors and furniture are defined by a lack of structure, opting instead for carefree layers of pattern, texture and colour. While there are some common practices with the boho look, there are no hard and fast rules (that would be incredibly un-bohemian, after all).

But, nonetheless, for those of you looking for some tips when it comes to choosing furniture that emulates a boho style, these are some things to look out for:

  • Rattan
  • Made insanely popular in the sixties and seventies, rattan furniture is undeniably the most bohemian of them all. 

    Intricate peacock chairs are not only beautiful, they’re strong and timeless pieces to sit back and relax in. 

    Carefully crafted rattan bed heads are always a great choice if it’s a boho style you’re going for. They will add that extra oomph to your bedroom and look incredible against any colour wall or patterned wallpaper.

    We can’t look past a hanging chair when talking all things rattan either. Possibly the most easy-going piece of furniture you’ll ever own, just looking at one will make you exhale with a sigh and feel at peace.

    And if you really want to embrace your inner bohemian, a rattan planter is an absolute must. Add a lush leafy plant and voila, your rattan transformation will be complete.

  • Antiques
  • Bohemians are known for their love of old things, but there are few of us today who have the time, energy or money to fill our home with vintage furniture and antiques. 

    So, your best bet is to find antique-looking pieces that will create the same effect but are likely to cost a lot less and be far more sturdy and reliable.

    When searching for antique-looking furniture, look for beautiful timbers, vintage washes, faded colours and designs that heavily draw inspiration from past eras.

    Think drawers with ornate handles and gold trim, plush velvet armchairs and gothic-style Mahogany display cabinets.

  • Eclectic prints & patterns
  • An overflowing collection of colours, prints and patterns are quintessential to bohemian interior design.

    Don’t be afraid to cover your bed and lounge in cushions and throws with clashing prints. Or adorn your walls with gorgeous pieces of art in different styles of frames. We even highly recommend casually placing different coloured ottomans atop a patterned rug. 

    When it comes to styling your furniture, go big or go home. Bohemian style is all about breaking the rules and doing it lavishly and boldly.

    And don’t just stop at throwing prints and patterns together either. It’s always a good idea to go for an abundance of different textures in your styling choices as well. 

    Filling your home with an array of patterns, colours and textures will make it feel so full of life you can’t not be happy there. 

    If you want to turn your home into a life-enhancing, boho haven then know that the best thing to do is trust your intuition and that you can never be too creative. Designing a boho space should be fun. So when you’re looking for boho furniture keep a curious and open mind, and don’t let the pressure of finding the “perfect” pieces overwhelm you. 

    The best thing to do is choose designs that you absolutely love, without worrying about whether they’ll match the space or existing pieces of furniture. Boho style isn’t about curating rooms that are immaculately balanced and matching. Trust that whatever you choose will end up looking like the great, lavish boho creation you’re lusting after.

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