Decorating Your Home with Perfect Coastal Boho Interior Design Style

To perfect coastal boho style, we have to take a sneak peek at where it all began. Because boho isn’t just a look, it’s a feel. And, unless we want surface level, inauthentic styling, it is important to get a grasp on what exactly that “feel” is.

Boho: where it all began.

Let’s (briefly) take things back to early 19th century France. This is where bohemianism first emerged. It was a term used to describe artists and creatives who were anti-establishment and a little unorthodox. While they weren’t known for having much wealth, what they did have was effortlessly beautiful style and they had it in spades.

Since then, the term “bohemian” has been used to describe the non-conformist, eccentric, creative freethinkers of the world. And “boho” to describe their enviable sense of style.

What is boho interior design?

Boho style is all about effortless eclecticism. It’s a much-loved style because anything goes, as long as it’s not traditional and breaks a few rules here and there ;)

It’s mix of textures, colours and patterns create a laidback, easy-going feel that makes any space calm and relaxing.

While the only rule of boho styling is there are no rules, we can definitely think of more than a few handy tips to help you warm your home with this unique, sought-after style.

The synergy between boho & coastal

Combining a coastal vibe with boho style makes sense. They’re both laidback, undeniably cool and anything but traditional.

Coastal boho is our all-time favourite interior design style for Australian homes. It ticks all the boxes, and it is easy to achieve.

While we love boho style, it can be a bit jarring at times. It uses a lot of bright clashing colours and patterns and we tend to prefer a slightly more muted colour palette. And that’s what you can accomplish when you combine coastal and boho together. Think breezy whites, natural fibers and plenty of leafy companions!

Coastal boho interior design works in modern homes and older styles alike.

How to achieve coastal boho style in your home

Neutral & earthy tones

Our favourite aspect of coastal boho style is that it draws inspiration from surrounding natural habitats. There aren’t any yellers and shouters here. All colours should be rich and earthy or light and breezy but overpowering.

As a general rule, keep your walls light. Whites and creams, maybe a hint of grey. Introduce warm earthy notes with textiles.

Our gorgeous selection of rugs will add colours, textures and patterns to your space.

boho rug

Throw a few ottomans around the place to give the space that effortless, unedited feel and subtly bring a variety of tones and patterns into the mix.

coastal boho ottomans

Don’t forget to invest in cushions, bedding and throws that lend a coastal boho feel in your home.

coastal cushions

Timber & rattan, seventies-inspired furniture

Perhaps the most non-traditional, care-free era of them all, the seventies knew a thing or two about coastal boho style. And nothing says flower power more than rattan furniture.

You’ll practically be able to smell the salty sea breeze with our Rattan Collection. A nod to the 70s, these beautifully woven pieces will bring warmth and nostalgia to your home.

rattan furniture

Plants, plants and more plants!

When it comes to plants, you can never have too many. Not only will they infuse your space with gorgeous greens, interesting shapes and enticing textures, they’re also great for our wellbeing. Being around plants makes us calmer and more relaxed, and who doesn’t want that?

If you’re worried about keeping them healthy and alive, the simple solution is to choose low-maintenance indoor plants for your home. We recommend Devil’s Ivy, Rubber Trees, Fiddle Leaf Figs and Peace Lilies.

We happen to have a gorgeous range of coastal boho planters and macrame hangers, too! They’ll tie everything together beautifully.

coastal boho planter

And of course, art

It wouldn’t be boho without an excellent selection of artwork to decorate your walls. This is yet another opportunity for you to inject colour into your design but remember to keep things warm and earthy.

boho wall art

There you have it. Coastal boho interior design in four simple steps. Don’t worry about whether things “match” each other. In fact, the less they match the better. Coastal boho should feel eclectic, thrown together and authentic, a space that’s overflowing with all of your favourite things.

And if you want to rebel against all of this, go for it. Create free-flowing anarchy and wait for the magic that ensues. That is perhaps the most boho thing you can do, after all.

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